Miriam Sidran, Professor Emerita, Ph.D. New York University (Physics), began her career in both industry and academe. At Grumman Aerospace Corporation she was intimately involved in planning the lunar landing. She also did research in the following fields: lunar and planetary explorations, properties of stars and planets, design of space experiments and instruments, optics, condensed matter properties, photography and electrophotography, lasers, microwave and infrared astronomy, oceanography and remote sensing. She taught at several other colleges and was a tenured full professor before her appointment to Baruch in 1972.


From 1983 to 1989 she served as Chair of the Natural Sciences Department. At various times she also served as Vice President of the Baruch Womenís Committee. In addition she served on numerous departmental, school, college, and university committees including The College Personnel and Budget Committee and the University Patents Committee. She continued her research in remote sensing at Baruch College and after her retirement in 1990. She has published more than forty scholarly papers, book chapters, edited books, and government reports. Her biography has been selected to appear in Whoís Who in America.

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