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Keith M. Ramig, Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh (Organic Chemistry), has many publications dealing with organic synthesis, most recently in the area of organofluorine chemistry. While working at various local pharmaceutical companies as a process R & D chemist, he was responsible for finding new synthetic routes to several drug candidates. His current research involves stereoselective synthesis of fluorine-atom-containing molecules which are used as anesthetics. Another area of his research deals with the discovery of improved reagents for introduction of fluorine atoms into molecules. Since coming to Baruch in 1998, he has involved undergraduate students in his research, which is funded primarily by the National Science Foundation. His students have been co-authors of many conference presentations and journal articles.


"It has become clear that many single-enantiomer drugs have vastly improved pharamcological properties over the racemic mixture. My research is aimed at synthesizing single enantiomers of inhaled anesthetics, most of which are chiral fluorinated compounds. To do this, I and my collaborators have made a reaction known as anionic decarboxylation behave stereoselectively, which has only been successful for a few cases in the past."

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