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Charles Malerich, Ph.D., Yale University, is a physical chemist who is currently pursuing his interest in metal porphyrin chemistry and chemical education. In the area of metal porphyrin chemistry, the primary focus is on studying the influence of the axial ligands on the chemical properties of the metal porphyrin. As a member of the New Jersey/Delaware Operation Chemistry team, he conducts workshops and institutes the "hands-on" chemistry for grade 4 - 8 teachers. Professor Malerich is also very interested in chemistry for non-science majors and has co-authored with Professor Scharf a laboratory manual for the Chemistry and Environment course.


"My current research is directed to developing hands-on, discovery experiments for children and non-science majors. With respect to experiments for children, ideal experiments would use readily available materials, be interesting and safe, and lead to the discovery of fundamental physical science concepts and methods. Exercises have been developed which examine the following concepts and techniques: identification of materials, distinction between chemical and physical change, recycling plastics and density, gases are matter, conservation of mass, physical and chemical separations, acids and bases, and electrolytes. These experiments are being field tested by the NJ-Delaware Operation Chemistry team. The work on experiments for non-science majors has been on-going, and a laboratory manual has been prepared with Professor Scharf. A brief article developing the relationship between color and the absorption spectrum has been published in the Journal of Chemical Education."

Publications 1992-Present

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