Professor Emerita of Biology, Office: Room 707B, 23rd St. Building, Phone: (646) 660-6236

Lea K. Bleyman, Ph.D., Indiana Univ. (Genetics), studies the ciliate protists, specializing in cell mating and life cycles. Her review chapter on "Ciliate Genetics" appeared in Ciliates: Cells as Organisms (1996). At Baruch she initiated and developed all aspects of the Genetics course including the laboratory exercises. She also developed an earlier course in Heredity and Evolution. She is the senior author of the laboratory manual for Introductory Biology (BIO1005), and for over twenty years has taught this course that is a prerequisite for advanced courses in biology. She recently served a second 3-year term as the Secretary of the Society of Protozoologists and is currently Past-President of the Society; the term as President having run from July 2001- June 2002.


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