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The Nature of Landscape / The Nature of Photography

September 17–October 14, 2009

The Nature of Landscape / The Nature of Photography exhibit

Marilyn Bridges
Overview, Nazca, Peru, 1988

Aerial photograph from the portfolio Heightened Perspectives

Photo credit: Steven Tucker

In the hands of a master photographer, the camera’s lens is a transforming eye. While the unembellished landscape is often striking and beautiful, familiar or mundane scenes from nature can take on unexpected, startling aspects when creatively photographed.

The Nature of Landscape/The Nature of Photography explores the many ways in which the photographer can alter, enlarge or transcend nature. In this exhibition, drawn from the permanent collection of Baruch College, a dozen photographers make use of aerial views, close-ups, cropped images, silhouetted forms and frozen landscapes to look at the world of nature differently. This exhibition will be at the Mishkin Gallery from Thursday, September 17, through Wednesday, October 14, 2009. Opening reception Wednesday, September 16, 6 8 pm.

Marilyn Bridges’ aerial views and heightened perspectives turn landscapes into topographic maps. Stonehenge from on high looks like an imperfect construction of Lego blocks; Machu Picchu, among the mountain peaks of the Andes, is hidden and improbable; and a Greek town built of white stones resembles wildlife floating on water. A pilot, who photographs from on high, Bridges demonstrates how, at a distance of a few hundred feet, Nature eclipses the works of Man.

The Irish photographer Alen MacWeeney’s large color prints of landscapes in the West of Ireland focus on the incongruities of rural life: chickens nesting in a hearse, frilly, ethereal bridesmaids’ dresses juxtaposed against ancient stone walls, the sensuous physicality of bare tree branches in Mayo.

Other photographers represented in this exhibition include Sally Gall and Joel Meyerowitz whose luminous mystical landscapes appear to be frozen in time; Erica Lennard whose images of gardens and landscapes around the world are studies in symmetry and order; and Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., who transforms nature using a cyanotype process that blue-drenches everything in his vistas. Also included are two Andy Warhol “snaps,” recording drab and prosaic natural scenes, and Lucien Clergue’s composition of reclining nudes made to resemble undulating sandhills.

This exhibition is curated by Mishkin Gallery director Sandra Kraskin. Collectively, these images challenge the viewer to reexamine his or her preconceptions of the natural order. Each of these photographers uses form, texture and perspective to surprise us into a renewed appreciation for the variety and mystery of the world we live in.

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, September 16, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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