Religion and Culture

Religion is one of the most powerful and complex forces in human history. To study religions from earliest times to the present and how they have shaped and been shaped by the forces of history (among them, nationalism, war, the challenge of secularism, and technology), the Religion and Culture Program at Weissman presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religious and cultural histories, doctrines, concepts, and practices.

Religion and culture courses are taught by faculty from various disciplines and departments, including History, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology.

As an Ad Hoc Major

Religion and Culture may be taken as an ad hoc major. They must first, however, develop an approved written rationale for their selected course pattern. Students interested in developing a program for this major should meet with Professor Plekon (

As a Minor

To fulfill the college-wide requirement for the Tier III minor with a concentration in Religion and Culture, students are required to take two courses numbered 3000 and higher and REL 4900, the capstone course (see link below for course information).

For course information check the current Student Bulletin.


Religion and Culture Program
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