Department of History

Courses in history offer students opportunities to explore, imagine, interpret, understand, and discuss the contexts and meanings of human experience in such wide-ranging areas as business, medicine, economics, politics, religion, culture, gender, race, art, theatre, ethnicity, and urban affairs. Many students find special value in courses that deal with aspects of their ethnic background or their family's immigration history.

As a Major

History majors are required to take at least eight history courses (24 credits) numbered 3000 and above. They must take one course in at least three different areas of the globe; these areas include American, Latin American, European, African, and Asian history. Majors are encouraged, but not required, to take the Capstone Course (History 4900). Majors must also write a substantial research paper (minimum of twenty pages) under the supervision of a professor in one of their courses. Students may take six credits toward their majors in other departments, if the courses are related to their program of study; prior consultation with a history department advisor is required.

As a Minor

A Tier III Minor in history requires students to complete two history courses at or above the 3000-level, and one capstone course, which is at the 4000-level or above, followed by HIS 4900, the history capstone course. Interested students should consult with the history department.

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