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As a minor

The School of Public Affairs offers a Tier III Minor in Survey Research which is designed to provide students from many disciplines (political science, market research, psychology, and sociology) with a basic introduction to survey research as a mode of inquiry, as a rigorous data-gathering process, as a way of understanding mass opinion and its uses in a democracy, as a tool for decision-making in policy and management, and as the foundation of the research databases which inform other social science disciplines. Students will also conduct independent research and get hands on experience in the survey process including sampling, questionnaire construction, survey administration, data analysis, and presentation of findings of a substantive survey.

Required Course:

PAF 3105 Principles of Survey Research



Choose one of the following courses:

PAF 3106 Public Opinion, Policy and Management

PAF 3015 Qualitative Studies of Communities

PAF 3401 Quantitative Methods for Policy and Practice

POL 3310 Political Opinion

PSY 3056 Social Psychology

MKT 3600 Marketing Research

SOC 4111 Social Statistics

SOC 4110 (4032) Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology


Capstone Course:

PAF 4402 Survey Research Practicum



The School of Public Affairs

To request permission for PAF courses or to learn more about this minor, please contact SPA’s Undergraduate Coordinator,

Jennifer Harrington


The City University of New York