Tiffany Ivory


Tiffany Ivory entered the  I/O Doctoral Program at Baruch College, CUNY after receiving a BA in Psychology with a concentration in I/O from College of Mount Saint Vincent in 2005. She is currently completing her Master’s thesis, which compares black and white women’s perceptions of fairness in the performance appraisal process.  Tiffany plans to expand on this reserach for her dissertation. She has worked with Dr. Karen Lyness researching predictors and barriers of career success for undergraduates. She also worked with Dr. Jaihyun Park examining the role of implicit attitudes in stereotyping and prejudice.

Tiffany is currently a consultant at Sirota Survey Intelligence. There she works with both domestic and global clients, assisting with the development, administration, and data analysis of employee surveys, including employee engagement, exit, and onboarding surveys. Additionally she works with clients to build and present executive presentations.

Her current research interests are diversity related and involve examining individual differences, including understanding gender and racial differences and similarities, as well as expanding disabilities and LGBT research.

Conference Presentations:

Black, J. & Ivory, T. (2010, April). Impact of High-Potential Employee Identification on Employee Work Attitudes. Poster session presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.

Kolz, A., Ivory, T., & Chung, L. (2005, March). The Influence of Equity Sensitivity and Affect Intensity of Strength of Political Issues. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA

Lyness, K.S., Ragins, B.R., Ivory, T., & Judiesch, M.K. (2008, April). Diversity and career planning: Examination of racial and ethnic group differences. Poster session presented at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, San Francisco, CA

Rutigliano, P.J., Ivory, T., Reeves, D.W. (2011, April). Engagement among employees with disabilities: Initial reports. Poster to be presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Teaching Experience:

Abnormal Psychology

Interviewing Techniques

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology of Life Experiences

Professional Affiliations:

  • Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
  • Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology (METRO)
The City University of New York