Roxanne Levenberg




Roxanne Levenberg entered the I/O doctoral program in fall 2006. She came into the program immediately after receiving her BS in Psychology, with Sociology as a second major, from SUNY Stony Brook. During her undergraduate career she worked with Dr. Manuel London on her honors thesis which looked at Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) teams in a hospital with a focus on group performance and processes. She is currently working in Dr. Loren Naidoo’s lab.

Roxanne is currently working on her thesis, which involves examining the mediating effect of the collective working self-concept on the relationship between charismatic leadership behaviors and helping behavior. 


Wilkens, R., & London, M. (2006). Relationships between climate, process, and performance in continuous quality improvement groups. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 69(3), 510-523.

Teaching Experience

PSY 3081 Cognitive Psychology (summer 2007 -- fall 2009)

Roxanne can be contacted at:

The City University of New York