Lorianne [Charles] Mitchell


I have completed all of my coursework and am working on the research aspect of my degree at Baruch.   While attending classes, I completed my research assistantship with Nita Lutwak for the first two years on research she was conducting on shame and related phenomena.   My summers were spent teaching, something that I discovered I loved more than I had anticipated.  

In my third year I was granted a teaching fellowship and was presented with the challenge of teaching an auditorium-sized class with 120 registered students.   The classes I taught at Baruch include Introduction to General Psychology, Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology.

My applied experience includes an independent consultant assignment with Sandra Hartog and Associates developing a selection test for financial advisors.   I also was instrumental in the development of a new childcare organization, JALM Children’s Services, by developing job descriptions, determining pay scales, interviewing and selecting employees, etc.  

Another start-up that I was fortunate to have worked with is the Good Help program with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, a non-for-profit employment program that provided screening services for Chamber members.   I have also worked with the NYC Courts systems on analyzing survey results on self-represented litigants.

A direct result of my work with Nita Lutwak, my current research interests lie in the area of emotions in organizations.   Specifically, I am interested in the role that the performance appraisal plays in eliciting shame in employees. My research advisor is Yochi Cohen-Charash and she is also interested in emotions in organizations. Currently, her and I are focusing on me completing my dissertation in a timely manner.

The City University of New York