Justin Black


Justin is a 2nd-year Ph.D. student.  He graduated from The George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) in 2004 with a B.A. in psychology.  At GWU, Justin got his first exposure to I-O research while working with Dr. Lynn Offermann on a study of communication in virtual teams (i.e., teams that work over the internet to accomplish a common goal).  He also worked on campus in the Office of Academic Planning, where he spent four years doing survey research. 

Justin moved to NYC in 2004 and started work as an intern at Sirota Consulting.  He took a full-time position after the internship and worked until beginning the Ph.D. program in Fall 2005.  While there, he had the opportunity to work on large-scale organizational survey administration, survey design, and data analysis, in addition to conducting focus groups and manager training.  Justin continues to work at the firm during summer and winter breaks, mostly on special research projects.

Currently, Justin is working with two professors, Dr. Daniele Artistico and Dr. Charles Scherbaum, on separate research programs.  Dr. Artistico's research concerns personality (measured idiographically) and context effects on everyday problem solving.  Justin runs his research lab (runs experiments, trains undergraduate assistants, and coordinates sessions) and contributes to grant proposals and manuscript submissions.  Together with Dr. Loren Naidoo and Dr. Charles Scherbaum, they hope to extend this research through applications among older adults in the workplace.  Dr. Scherbaum's most recent research concerns the development of selection tests that reduce disparate impact while augmenting criterion relevance.  Dr. Scherbaum and Justin, with collaborators from an IT firm and a consulting firm, recently conducted a study of the relative importance of managerial and financial determinants of employee engagement.

Justin's current research interests are a confluence of his own experiences and exposure through his advisors' work.  They include the following: exploring the experiences of older adults in the workplace, especially with regard to person-job fit and the retirement decision; creating fair selection tests that are predictive of on-the-job performance; examining the impact of various levels and types of pay increases on life, job, and overall satisfaction; and, more generally, understanding the antecedents and consequences of employees' overall satisfaction with their organization.  He has presented his research at both SIOP and APA annual conferences as co-author of one paper and two symposia and as chair and co-author of one symposium.

Justin's personal interests include travel, music, basketball, soccer, and food and wine.  He will be married January 6, 2007, and lives currently in midtown Manhattan with his faincee, Jaime, and their dog, Gabby.

The City University of New York