Laura Sywulak entered Baruch’s doctoral program in 2009. She is involved in several research projects including a qualitative study investigating differences in career facilitators and barriers between men and women in five European countries that vary in their level of gender egalitarianism. She also works on a project exploring the influence of cognitive styles on race differences in performance on intelligence tests. She is conducting her thesis work under the advisement of Dr. Kristin Sommer, examining the impact of social influence on ingroup vs. outgroup members and its subsequent effect on psychological needs satisfaction, social identification, and helping behavior. In addition to her research, she teaches classes on Health Psychology and Interviewing Techniques.

Laura received in B.A. in Psychology from Temple University in 2007. While there, she worked with Dr. Donald Hantula on a study examining the relationship between delayed discounting and credit card usage among college students. She also did work in developmental and cognitive psychology. After graduation, she worked as a research coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked on several studies looking at long term psychological outcomes of obese patients who have undergone weight loss surgery.


The City University of New York