The Everyday Problem Solving Lab

Daniele Artistico
Room VC 4-295

The everyday problem-solving lab focuses on contextual variations in performance and perceived self-efficacy for tasks that require a sustained cognitive effort among younger and older adults. Individuals might display higher levels of performance and perceived self-efficacy in some contexts (school, work, and family) and not in others (sport activities).

The main thrust of our work is to understand the psychological mechanism that underlies these contextual variations. Recent advances in social cognition and personality science suggested that even subtle cues of perceived familiarity prime self-referent knowledge to boost people’s perceived self-efficacy in context. Perhaps most importantly this activated knowledge can redirect people’s abilities to accomplish specific type of behaviors. The everyday problems are tailored to be of maximal relevance to people’s lives.

Current projects include: (1) Contextual variations in everyday problem solving and personality architecture; (2) self-efficacy, everyday problem solving, and physical exercise; (3) person-job fit, everyday problem solving, and personality. Research in this lab is conducted in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students.

PhD Students:

Justin Black

Undergraduate Students:

Diana Bronshtein
Christopher Dye
Anastasiya Piskareva
Lori Anne Shaheen
Halina Sukhandon

Please contact us for more information about joining the lab and current projects.


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