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Karen S. Lyness, PhD
Faculty page: Check here

Karen S. Lyness, PhD
Faculty page: Check here

Members of the diversity lab conduct research about a wide range of topics relating to diversity and cross-cultural issues in the workplace. Our research focuses on traditional diversity issues of gender and race, and has expanded to include other understudied diversity issues and groups. For example, we are studying stereotypes and perceptions of unemployed workers, religious minorities, employees with physical and mental disabilities, immigrants, and members of the LGBT community.

Diversity & Leadership:  Our research examines leadership issues, such as the types of leadership challenges faced by women and other historically underrepresented groups when they attain leadership or management positions. We are also interested in finding out how successful leaders navigate these challenges.

Diversity & Careers:  We study a variety of contemporary career issues that confront workers in today’s work environments. For example, are some groups more vulnerable to effects of today’s demanding jobs, job insecurity, effects of layoffs, and higher unemployment rates, while other groups succeed? What career resources and strategies are most effective, and do these vary across groups?

Diversity & Work Context:  We investigate characteristics of jobs, organizations, and national cultures that can facilitate or undermine careers, work experiences, and well-being. For example, we are investigating how various organizational characteristics relate to perceptions of women and other minority group leaders.

Diversity & Work-Life Issues:  Our research interests also include various work-family (and work-life) interface issues, such as the challenges of balancing work with family and other non-work responsibilities, and effects of various types of job demands on health. Future work will examine these issues from the perspective of diverse groups.

The goals of the diversity lab are to enhance our understanding about a wide range of diversity issues in today’s multicultural work environments, as well as the work-related experiences and career outcomes of workers from diverse backgrounds. We want our research to contribute to academic scholarship and also provide useful insights and recommendations for workers, employers, and policy makers.

For information about recent publications and conference presentations, please see Dr. Lyness’s faculty page.



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