Diversity Lab

Karen S. Lyness, PhD
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Dr. Lyness and her students conduct research about a wide range of topics relating to diversity in the workplace. For example, we study challenges faced by many different types of workers, such as women in leadership and senior management positions, employees from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, employees with disabilities, LGBT employees, and recent immigrants. We also study work-life interface issues for workers, such as the challenges of balancing work and non-work responsibilities, and cross-cultural issues, such as the influence of national cultural values on the workplace.

The goals of the diversity lab are to learn about the workplace experiences of various types of workers and to use these insights to offer research-based recommendations to workers, organizations, and policy makers. Thus, we are interested in examining diversity issues from the perspectives of both employers and employees.

Examples of current lab projects include a study of career issues in today’s multicultural workforce, funded by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Foundation, that is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Belle Rose Ragins at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Also, we are collaborating with the Center for Creative Leadership in Europe and the U.S. on research about managerial careers and work-life issues in Europe. Additional projects focus on women in leadership roles and cross-national work-life issues.

For information about recent publications, please see Dr. Lyness’s faculty page.


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