MK Kang

Myung-koo Kang

Phone: (646) 312-4848
Location: VC 5-275


Professor Kang (MA, PhD, UC Berkeley) specializes in international and comparative political economy, especially focusing on financial crises and government’s macroeconomic policy responses, both at the cross-national and Asia-specific contexts.   He has published articles on financial crises and reforms in World Development, Comparative Political Studies, Pacific Review, Asian Politics and Policy, Asian Survey, and others.  Before joining Baruch College, he taught four years at Claremont McKenna College in California; held a post-doctoral fellowship from the Asia Pacific Research Center at Stanford University in 2006-08; was affiliated to the Ministry of Finance of Japan as a visiting scholar in 2003-04 and to the Institute for Advanced Study as a visitor from January to August of 2010.

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Political Economy (POL 3103)
The Rise of Asia in World Affairs (POL3346)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

2015.  "Government Policy Responses to Financial Crises: Identifying Patterns and Policy Origins in Developing Countries" (with Eunyoung Ha).  World Development 68: 264-281.

2014.  "The Politics of Bank Bailout in Japan: A Cognitive Capture and Leadership View."   Pacific Review 27(2): 193-215.

2014.  "Democratic Transition and Intraparty Politics: The Distribution of Key Party Positions in Democratizing South Korea" (with Joon Nak Choi and Gi-wook Shi).  Journal of Korean Studies 19(1): 7-16.

2013.  "Addiction to Uncertainty: Regulatory Rush and the Exceptional Growth of Financial Derivatives Markets in South Korea."   East Asia Institute Fellows Program Working Paper Series, No. 41: 1-28.

2011.  "Creating A Capable Bureaucracy with Loyalists: The Internal Dynamics of the Korean Developmental State, 1948-1979" (with Yong-Chool Ha).  Comparative Political Studies 44(1): 78-108. 

2010.  "Global Financial Crisis and Systemic Risks in the Korean Banking Sector."   Korea Economic Institute Academic Paper Series 4(5) (reproduced in Korea Economic Institute Academic Paper Series, 3: 23-48, also published in 2010).

2010.  "Is Japan Facing a Public Debt Crisis?  Debt Financing and the Development of the JGB Market."  Asian Politics and Policy 2(4): 557-582.

2009.  "Too Fast To Adjust: The Sequence and Consequences of Bank Restructuring in South Korea, 1998-2006."  Asian Survey 49(2): 243-267.

Other Publications:

2014.  "South Korea's Foreign Economic Relations and Goverment Policies."  Pp. 199-216 in Oxford Handbook on International Relations in Asia, edited by John Ravenhill, Rosemary Foot, and Saadia Pekkanen.  Oxford University Press.

2014.  "Government Intervention for Resolving Non-Preforming Loans in Japan and South Korea, 1998-2006."  Pp. 45-77 in A Comparative Study of East Asian Capitalism, edited by Hong Yung Lee.  The Institute of East Asian Studies/University of California, Berkeley.

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