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elsEls de Graauw

Email: Els.deGraauw@baruch.cuny.edu
Phone: (646) 312-4422
Location: VC 4-247


Els de Graauw specializes in American politics, immigration, civil society, and (sub)urban politics and public policy.  She recently completed a book manuscript on the role of nonprofit organizations as advocates of immigrant rights and immigrant integration policies, with a focus on San Francisco.  She now is working on a comparative study of city immigrant affairs offices in the United States, which includes case studies of New York, Houston, Detroit, and Louisville. 

Dr. de Graauw earned her Ph.D. degree in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley.  In 2008-09, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and in 2011-12, she was an Immigration Research Associate at the Institute for the Social Sciences at Cornell University.

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POL 1101: American Government: Practices and Values

POL 3318: The Politics of Immigration and Integration in the United States

IDC 3001H: The Peopling of New York City



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