Philosophy deals with the most basic questions we human beings ask ourselves. Philosophy is about fundamental mysteries. It is a search for truth that poses general questions about the nature of reality, knowledge, values, reason, morals, conduct, and institutions.

If you wonder about philosophy's real world application, consider the following:

  • Professional advancement increasingly requires a graduate degree (JD, MBA, MD, MS, or PhD) and studies consistently show that philosophy majors tend to perform better on entrance exams such as the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT.
  • Many law schools look for philosophy majors because they have acquired the reasoning skills needed to understand legal theory.
  • If you follow the fast track plan, you can get an MS in accountancy in addition to your BA in philosophy in just one more year right here at Baruch.

The objective of the Philosophy Department is to enable students to identify, clarify, and assess their own answers. We encourage student to examine the questions as subjects in their own right, to subject that examination to the rigors of rational thought and dialogue, and to search for clues in the greatest theories, ideas, and debates of human intellectual history.

Our department has particular strengths in legal and political philosophy (it is an excellent preparation for law school), aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of mind, and the history of ideas.


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