David J. Szalda

General Chemistry

Email: David.Szalda@baruch.cuny.edu
Phone: (646) 660-6218
Location: Room 802B, 17 Lexington Ave


David J. Szalda, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (Chemistry), is a Research Collaborator at Brookhaven National Laboratory where he uses X-ray crystallography to study the binding of carbon dioxide to metal complexes and electron transfer reactions. His publications have appeared in various journals of chemistry. He is an advisor to students in the biomedical specialization.


"The primary focus of my research is a better understanding of the basic chemical principles required to create an efficient and economical method to convert solar energy into a storable and transportable fuel. Therefore we are investigating electron transfer reactions and the binding of carbon dioxide to metal complexes in order to be able to store solar energy by converting carbon dioxide (an end product of combustion) into methane or methanol (a storable and transportable fuel). This work is done in collaboration with Drs. Norman Sutin, Carol Creutz, and Etsuko Fujitu at Brookhaven National Laboratory."

Publications 1992-Present

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Lemke, F. R., D. J. Szalda, and R. M. Bullock. 1992.

          Insertion of isocyanides into the Zr-C bond of ruthenium/zirconium dimetalloalkenes. Spectroscopic and structural comparisons of the nu2-iminoacyl complexes Cp(PMe3)2RuCH=CRC(NtBu)ZrClCp2 (R = H vs. R = Me) and kinetics of isomerization of a thermodynamically unstable nu2-iminoacyl complex. Organometallics 11:876-884.

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