Chemistry 1000: Laboratory Instructions & Exercises for Download

Check-in Directions: RTF file
Chemical Magic: MS Word
Experiment 1 Density: MS Word; PDF
Experiment 3 Fat Assay: MS Word; PDF
Experiment 6 Wine: MS Word; PDF
Experiment 7 Titration: RTF file
Experiment 8 Asprin: MS Word; PDF
Experiment 9 Soap: MS Word ; PDF
Experiment 11 Chromatography: MS Word; PDF

Format for Laboratory Reports: MS Word
Measurements Appendix A: RTF file
Molecular Model Exercise: MS Word
Inorganic nomenclature: MS Word; PDF
Organic nomenclature: MS Word
Recrystallization: MS Word
Titration of vitamin C in citrus juices: MS Word; PDF
Titration of vinegar: MS Word; PDF
Sample lab report: MS Word

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