Undergraduate Majors

Declaring a liberal arts Major

Students have the freedom to choose from a broad variety of academic disciplines, both to satisfy the student's intellectual curiosity and provide a well-rounded education demanded by a competitive world. Weissman offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in the following majors:




When a student's educational objectives cannot be fully attained solely by study within an existing department or discipline, Weissman offers an ad hoc grouping of courses making up the major. The following Ad Hoc Majors are linked to specific programs and faculty advisors. Since each major must be approved by these program advisors, it is essential that students make an appointment to discuss their interest in pursuing this area of study.


Students who wish to embark on an Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Major of their own design should consult the Arts and Sciences advisor in the Starr Career Development Center.

Contact: Professor Wendy Heyman
Starr Career Development Center
Room: VC 2-150
Tel: 646 312-4681

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