Journalism Department Announces Scholarship and Prize Recipients

Four scholarships and six prizes have been awarded to outstanding undergraduate students by the Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions. The winners were:

Harnisch Scholarships
Darren Castro
Andrea Kayda
Christopher Ludgate
Iyana Robertson

Becker Scholarship
Luciana Destefano

Award in Journalism

Kamilah Black

Award for Excellence in Investigative Economic Journalism

Chaya Rappaport

Excellence Award in Journalism
Jana Kasperkevic

Daniel S. and Florence Roher Scholarship
Benjamin Spencer

Institutional Investor Scholarship
Gladys Esquijarosa
Dave Feldman

Institutional Investor Award In Journalism
Anne McCollum
Ashley Tavoulearis

Jerry Bornstein Prize for Journalism Research
Douglas Hinnant

The department's students and faculty are grateful to the donors who made these awards possible.

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