Prof. Eugene Marlow

Eugene Marlow

Professor of English/Journalism
Master's Program in Business Journalism

Phone: (646) 312-3924

Location: VC 7-258


Dr. Eugene Marlow’s professional experience includes an eclectic 45-year background in management, media, the performing arts, and education on an international scale.

As a practicing media professional, Dr. Marlow has accumulated extensive experience in the use of print and electronic media--newspapers, magazines, radio, television, teleconferencing, and the Internet--for internal and external organizational communications, including public relations, advertising, and marketing.

His management experience includes 11+ years at Citicorp, Prudential Insurance, and Union Carbide Corporation, working primarily in Corporate Communications/Public Affairs departments. At Union Carbide, Dr. Marlow staffed and helped design and supervise the construction of a $2 million media production department, including video, audio, and graphic operations.

For over 20+ years, as president of a New York City-based print and electronic media consulting and production firm, he served domestic and international clients in the technology, healthcare, media, financial services, consumer products, and nonprofit sectors.

Dr. Marlow has accumulated 30+ years of teaching and training experience in academic and professional development settings, including 30 years teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in liberal arts, media, and business at Baruch College, Fordham University, New York University, and Merced College (California). At Baruch College he has initiated, designed, or taught 25 courses in the undergraduate and graduate business journalism program, the master’s degree program in arts management (Department of Fine & Performing Arts), the corporate communications program, the Zicklin Graduate School of Business, the Department of English, and the Department of Journalism & the Writing Professions. Marlow established the electronic journalism branch of the Department of Journalism in 1988.

Professor Marlow has also designed, promoted, and hosted conferences, seminars, panel discussions, and custom-designed small group meetings in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and China.

At Baruch College, Professor Marlow is founding Webmaster of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences website, senior co-chair of the Milt Hinton Jazz Perspectives Concert series (now in its 26th year), and former founding co-chair of the Annual Veterans Day Recognition luncheon. He was previously founding chairman, New York chapter, of the International Television Association (ITVA) (1972-1975) and ITVA National Director of Professional Development (1976-1977). He is former treasurer of the Jazz Journalists Association, and former treasurer and Director, Media Relations of the New York Composers Circle.

Dr. Marlow is a recipient of the 2016 John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis and the 2010 James W. Carey award for Outstanding Journalism from the Media Ecology Association. He has also received distinguished teaching awards and fellowships from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation and the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. He is a seven-time honoree, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences Authors, Editors, Artists/Performers annual reception (1996-2002) and a 10-time honoree at Baruch’s Annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony, A Celebration of Faculty Scholarship and Creative Achievement (2003-2012).

Between 1978 and 1994 Dr. Marlow earned 24 awards for video programming/production excellence from numerous domestic and international competitions. In 1970 he was the first (and only) U.S. Air Force Historian to be honored as Historian of the Year by the United States Air Force Historical Society. Prior, he had received best historian recognition honors from 15th Air Force and Strategic Air Command.

Professor Marlow has authored nine books dealing with communications, technology and culture and 400+ articles and chapters in professional and academic journals and web sites published in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Japan, China, and Russia. His latest book, Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music to Individual Freedom of Expression, will be released by University of Mississippi Press in Spring 2018.

His online blog, “The Marlowsphere” ( deals with issues of music, media, and culture.

Marlow is also engaged in the field of the performing arts. He is a former participant in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop. Numerous ensembles, including the Bobby Sanabria Big Band that recorded his composition “El Ache de Sanabria” on the 2007 Grammy-nominated album “Big Band Urban Folktales,” have performed his classical and jazz compositions. Two other of his big band charts appear on Grammy-nominated albums.

To date, Marlow has composed 250+ classical and jazz pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, and big band. His 22 CDs have gained critical acclaim and have been aired on radio stations in several dozen countries. He is also founder/leader of The Gene Marlow Ensemble and The Heritage Ensemble. The latter is a quintet devoted to the concert performance of Hebraic melodies in various jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and classical styles. The group’s eighth CD (“A Not So Silent Night”) was released in 2016 on the MEII Enterprises label.

Professor Marlow has earned five academic degrees in English, general management, media studies, and music composition, including an MBA (Golden Gate University) and a Ph.D. (New York University).

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