A Distinguished Faculty


Thomas Desch-Obi, Interim Department Chair
Associate Professor
African and African Diaspora history

  • Ervand Abrahamian Ervand Abrahamian
    Distinguished Professor
    Iranian and Middle Eastern history and politics
  • Anna Lucille BoozerAnna Lucille Boozer
    Assistant Professor
    Roman Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Charlotte Brooks Charlotte Brooks
    20th century U.S., Asian American, urban, race, immigration, politics and policy, modern China and the Chinese diaspora
  • Vincent DiGirolamo
    Assistant Professor
    19th, 20th century history, focus on immigration, labor, New York City, childhood

  • Johanna Fernández
    Assistant Professor
    20th century U.S. History, history of social movements, political economy of American cities, African-American history
  • Elizabeth Heath
    Assistant Professor
  • Thomas R. Heinrich
    Associate Professor
    American business and industrial history
  • Brian Murphy
    Associate Professor
    Early American republic; U.S. economic and political history
  • Martina T. Nguyen
    Assistant Professor
    Modern Southeast Asian history
  • Katherine Pence, ChairKatherine Pence,
    Associate Professor
    German & women’s history
  • Mark Rice Mark Rice
    Assistant Professor
    Latin America
  • Tansen Sen
    Asian History; China, Japan, India; Buddhism
  • Andrew Sloin
    Assistant Professor
  • Clarence Taylor
    Modern African American, religion, civil rights
  • Randolph Trumbach
    18th century England; social history; history of sexuality
  • Former Faculty and Faculty Emeriti
  • In addition to a number of valued adjunct faculty members, the department also benefits from continue association with its retired faculty members, designated emeriti.
  • Carol Berkin
    Presidential Professor Emerita
    American Colonial and Revolutionary History; women's history
  • Selma Berrol (silhouette)Selma Berrol
    Professor Emerita
    History of Education; Urban History
  • Jane Bond
    Professor Emerita
    20th Century Europe; Modern France
  • Stanley Buder
    Professor Emeritus
    American urban history; history of housing and planning; American business
  • Julie Des Jardins
    Modern American history, gender and American women
  • Henry L. Feingold (silhouette)Henry L. Feingold
    Professor Emeritus
    American Jewish History; Holocaust Studies
  • Bert Hansen
    History of science and medicine; American history
  • Alfonso Quiroz , 1956-2013
    Latin American history; Caribbean history
  • Murray Rubenstein
    Professor Emeritus
    Asian history; Sino-American studies
  • Pamela Sheingorn
    Professor Emerita
    Medieval culture; Medieval history; women's history
  • Cynthia Whittaker
    Professor and Chair Emerita
    Russian and Soviet history; Modern European history
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