Feit Interdisciplinary Seminars Spring 2018

From Page to Stage
Monday/Wednesday 12:50-2:05
Susan Tenneriello, Fine and Performing Arts
Michael Staub, English

This seminar looks at plays in successive phases, from their gestation, before they are set down on the page, to their realization by actors, directors, and designers in actual production, and their afterlife, as new generations restage and reinterpret dramatic texts. Concentrating on classical and contemporary plays scheduled for performance in New York City during the spring semester (e.g. a new production of Ibsen’s Enemy of the People), we will ask why some creative artists choose to treat their particular subjects as dramatic vehicles in the first place and examine how scripts are inevitably and constantly transformed through physical and visual embodiment. Students will function as audiences, critics, directors, and actors as we see what happens to words on the page when we speak them ourselves and visit local theaters. Students will be responsible for a series of short writing assignments, leading to an independent final project.

Multilingual Literary Translation Workshop
Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45
Professor Esther Allen, Modern Languages
Professor Debra Caplan, Performing Arts

Have you ever heard or read beautiful words that moved you and wished you could share them with friends who don't know that language? Translation is a performative art that brings songs, poems, plays, and stories to new audiences across linguistic and cultural differences, and, in that act of re-creation, creates something new. In this course, bilingual students of diverse linguistic backgrounds will study the history, theory and practice of literary translation, and will choose and complete their own translation projects from other languages into English. Taught by faculty from Modern Languages and Theater, this course will place special attention on theories of translation as performance. Fluency in any language other than English, as well as in English, are the two prerequisites. 


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