Prof. Christina Christoforatou

Christina Christoforatou




Phone: (646) 312- 4026

Location: VC 7-273


Christina Christoforatou is Associate Professor of English specializing in medieval literature—Western-European and Byzantine—manuscript studies, and medieval cosmology.   A native Athenian, she completed her secondary education in Greece before moving to New York to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies at the City University of New York (BA, MA, Brooklyn College; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center, 2003).  Her research interests have taken back to Greece and to various European libraries—national and monastic—where she has studied the manuscripts of the Byzantine romances she was spoken and written on. 

                                                                                                                            Her scholarship ranges broadly over medieval cultural poetics, Byzantine intellectual history, and iconographic expressions of power.  Her essays examine the institutional and symbolic relation of literature to politics linking the role of the Byzantine literati to the court, the aftermath of political upheaval, and to figurations of power in literary and artistic commissions.  They have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Enarratio (formerly PMAM), Medieval Encounters: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Cultures in Confluence and Dialogue, Journal of the History of Sexuality (JHS), and others.  In 2009 she was invited along with Sally N. Vaughn to edit a special issue for Journal of the History of Sexuality (JHS) devoted to medieval eroticism.  Desire and Eroticism in Medieval Europe, Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries appeared in print in 2010.  She is currently working on a book-length project that examines the interplay of sexual and political iconography in Byzantine literary texts and the influence of imperial patronage to literary evolution. 

 Before joining the faculty at Baruch in 2005 Professor Christoforatou taught courses in literature and composition at Brooklyn College and New York City College of Technology, where she also had the opportunity to introduce Writing Across the Curriculum.  At Baruch she teaches Great Works of Literature (ENG 2800 & 2850), electives in Medieval Literature (ENG 4110 & 4120), survey courses in Ancient Greek poetics (ENG 5000), topics courses (ENG 3000), and Composition Courses (ENG 2100 & 2150). She is also participating faculty at the Baruch College Honors Program.

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