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Student testimonials

Chris Garner

"I chose Communication Studies as my minor because I knew the skills I would learn and develop would benefit me indefinitely, both personally and professionally. The rapid spread of globalization has created the necessity to communicate with people from many different backgrounds. As a result of my studies, I now have a higher level of confidence when communicating with my coworkers, friends, and family. It has become easier to express my ideas and interpret theirs. In my opinion, these courses are fundamental to becoming a well-rounded world citizen."

Modeline Delacruz

"I was extremely shy and found it difficult to express myself in front of other people, but in the course
COM 1010: Speech Communication I learned techniques and now I’m able to open up and express myself clearly. I’ve been able to see it in other students as well. The class is not exclusively based on public speaking but speech writing, research, group assignments, and body language. Overall, the textbook The Art of Public Speaking, my professor, and materials my professor provided have all helped me battle my fear throughout this course. This has been a very fundamental course, and I will definitely use the things I’ve learned later on in life."

Keri-Ann Knight-Francis

"I decided to become a communication minor because, as a student majoring in Business/
International Marketing, effective communication skills are needed. Three very important communication courses I took are Intercultural Communication, which has allowed me the opportunity of interacting with various cultures and becoming exposed to those that I was ignorant towards; Business Communication, which has taught me the language of the how to communicate in the corporate world (through business reports, letters, memos, e-mail, etc.); and Persuasion, where I learned how to present a persuasive argument effectively. These courses have helped me get closer to my future goal."

Ran Xiang

"I am an MBA student majoring in Finance. The reason I chose “International Business Communication” as my general elective is because I deeply believe that, in the 21st century, a person’s most competitive ability lies in his or her communication skills. This is a world inhabited by human beings, not software or hardware. It is humans we face everyday. With excellent communication skills, you will not only have more chances in this competitive world but also work and live more enjoyably."

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Student Photo Gallery


Professors Goodman and O'Keefe Bazzoni with MA in Corporate Communication alumni Simone Byrd (PhD, Howard, 2008) and Brian Higgins at the Corporate Communication Institute's 2008 conference in Wroxton in Oxfordshire, England.Professors Goodman and O'Keefe Bazzoni with MA in Corporate Communication alumni Simone Byrd (PhD, Howard, 2008) and Brian Higgins at the Corporate Communication Institute's 2008 conference in Wroxton in Oxfordshire, England.

Fernanda Arantes, Shahriar Rahman and Suzzane Chinnock on the main room of the Trading Floor at the New York Stock Exchange. This photograph was done by Mel Nudelman the professional photographer of New York Stock Exchange.  Spring 2008 interns at the New York Stock Exchange, Fernanda Arantes, Shahriar Rahman and Suzzane Chinnock. This photograph was taken by Mel Nudelman, the professional photographer of New York Stock Exchange.

Part of the NYSE internship was to get a training session with a Specialist and Broker/ Trader. Here is Damien Watson a Specialist for La Branche showing the interns what Specialists do on a daily basis. Damien Watson, a Specialist for La Branche, showing the interns what Specialists do on a daily basis.



Graduates Stacyann Weir-Henry (left) and Yana Berkovich (right) with a colleague at Lord & Taylor, where Yana works in the PR Department and Stacyann completed an internship.

Communication Studies minor Walter Barrientos speaks at a rally in New York City in April 2006.

Corporate Communication major Rene Maynard on Study Abroad in Naples ...



... and Barcelona.





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Communication Studies Classes

COM 1010: Speech Communication
(Spring 2008, Professor Susan Tenneriello)

After a semester of sharpening their public speaking acumen, the class gathered to celebrate their accomplishments.

COM 3102: Communication for Executives
(Spring 2006, Professor Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni)


COM 3069: Intercultural Communication
(Spring 2003, Professor Elisabeth Gareis)

The Spring 2003 class in intercultural communication conducted an online research project with a similar class in New Zealand. So that the New Zealanders knew how we looked, the class took photos. The class divided into three groups, and we had a photo for each group posted.  (from left to right) Kim, Natalie, Kaydene, Lisa, Karla, Cindy, Gissella, Alexis, Yevgeniya, Manish

(from left to right) Yoshiko, Mathew, Maria, Wendy, Betty, Tela, Delecia, Karina

(from left to right) Nancy, Tariq, Malini, Jenny, Ka Wai, Juliana, Melissa, Vivienne, Natasha


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Commencement Ceremony
Madison Square Garden, May 2007

Click here for videos of the morning and afternoon commencement ceremonies. Accepting symbolic diplomas for all Weissmann School of Arts and Sciences candidates in the morning are Josh Goldowsky (master's) and Yaniuska Lescaille (bachelor's), in the afternoon Stephanie Magner (master's) and Sushra Ahmad (bachelor's). Both Josh and Stephanie are graduates of the Corporate Communication MA program.

The Masters




Josh on the way to receive the symbolic hood and diploma for all masters students of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.




The Bachelors



Marta getting ready



Happy graduates




A job well done!




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