A Distinguished Faculty

Department faculty are respected educators, skilled professionals, and recognized authorities in the field of communication studies. Widely known for their scholarship in these constantly evolving fields, faculty have authored numerous books, chapters, and articles in such areas as media history and criticism, business and professional communication, intercultural and international communication, and political communication. Faculty hold advanced degrees from the City University Graduate Center, Columbia University, Nebraska University, New York University, Northwestern University, St. John's University, the State University of New York, the University of Georgia, the University of Kansas, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Michigan, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Pittsburgh.

full time faculty

Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni, Department Chair
Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication

Sarah BishopSarah Bishop
Assistant Professor
Critical Media Studies, Transnational and Intercultural Communication

William Boddy
Media Studies, Video Production,
Film Studies

Eric M. Gander
Associate Professor
Rhetorical Criticism, Public Argument, Political Philosophy

Elisabeth Gareis Elisabeth Gareis
Intercultural Communication, Communication Education

Michael GoodmanMichael Goodman
Corporate Communication, Investor Relations, Corporate Culture and Sustainability

Alison Griffiths
Media Studies, Documentary Film,
Media and Technology

Allison HahnAllison Hahn
Assistant Professor
Argumentation, International and Intercultural Communication, Public Address, Visual Rhetoric

Peter HorowitzPeter Horowitz
Reputation Management, Corporate and Employee Communications, Business Writing, Public Relations, Communication Strategy

Michael KaplanMichael Kaplan
Assistant Professor
Critical Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Citizenship and Democratic Culture, Visual Rhetoric, Economic Discourse

Caryn Medved Caryn Medved
Associate Professor
Organizational Communication, Family Communication, Training & Development

Rebecca Merkin
Associate Professor
Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication, Impression Management, Research Methods

Elizabeth M. Minei
Assistant Professor
Organizational Communication, Leadership, Small Business, HRO's

Patricia Ougourlian Patricia Ougourlian
Public Speaking, Speech Pathology, Accent Reduction

Bruce PayneBruce Payne


Ruth D. Rosenthal
Associate Professor
Speech Pathology, Accent Reduction

  • Rick WilkinsRichard Wilkins
    Associate Professor
    Intercultural Communication, Ethnography of Communication, Research Methodology



  • Stephen DishartStephen Dishart
    Crisis Management, Corporate Communication, Branding

    Peter HirschPeter Hirsch
    Corporate Relations, Information Technology, Corporate Intranet/Internet and Social Media

  • Linda LopezLinda Lopez
    Managerial and Corporate Communication, Crisis Communication, Ethics
  • Sana ReynoldsSana Reynolds
    Intercultural Communication, Workplace Communication
  • NIcholas ScalzoNicholas Scalzo
    Organizational Studies
  • Donald SingletaryDonald Singletary
    Corporate Media Relations, Public Relations
  • Tom SnellTom Snell
    Corporate Strategy, Shareholder Value

    James Armstrong
    Michael Bayer
    Lem Brewster
    Lou Cappozzi
    Darnide Cayo
    Carl Cofield
    Stephen Dishart
    John Fuller
    Julia Goldstein
    Carol-Leisa Gray
    Anna Harb
    Marcus Harvey
    Debra Hilborn
    Kyungjin Jo
    Roy Johnson
    Alexandra Just
    Christine Klusko
    Bernadette LaBorne
    Sissi Liu
    Linda Lopez
    Eve R. Maged
    Ivan Makar
    Joyce Mandell
    Vyshali Manivannan
    Mark McGovern
    Susan Mekrami
    Maria Mytilinaki
    Shoshana Ohlbaum
    Denise Patrick
    Thomas Pison
    Dan Poston
    Juan Recondo
    Patrick Reilly
    Sana Reynolds
    Adnan Salimovic
    Nicholas Scalzo
    Beth Seplow
    Sarah Sharp
    Sara Simons
    Donald Singletary
    Carly Smith
    Andrea Tienan
    Dan Venning
    Marc Weitz
    Deborah Wetzel
    Melissa Wong
    Erica Yakobzon
    Lancia Yan
    Alexander Yaroslavsky


Nigel Philip

The City University of New York