BA in Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication (CC) is a specializations of the BA in Business Communication. The specialization prepares students for careers as communications specialists in business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations in such fields as media relations, investor relations, corporate advertising, and employee communication. Corporate Communication is also offered at the graduate level.

At a Glance:

Curriculum (with Approved Courses)
Comparison: Comm Studies vs Corporate Comm
Career Paths and Advanced Study
STARR Career Development Center Flyer

Introduction to Majors:

Note: There has been a small program change in the Comm Studies (CS) and Corporate Comm (CC) majors that is not yet included in the video below. Effective Spring 2018, PHI 1100 has been added to both majors is now a program prerequisite in the CS major and a required course in the CC major, where it replaces the former "Liberal Arts and Business Elective."

For additional information, see Career Options and Advanced Study or the Online Bulletin.

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