New York is a diverse, interesting, and complex metropolis and the largest city in the United States. The diversity of the city foreshadows a cosmopolitan America. The word "minority" is an oxymoron here, as it will soon be across the land. Increasingly, a multicultural perspective that values and embraces diversity is emerging in every aspect of society, including the university.

The mission of the Black and Latino Studies department is to chronicle and participate in the creation of the new America. Our research helps broaden the perspective and expand the focus of the American academy. Our courses provide vital information about the significance and contribution of African and Latino peoples to the United States, to the Hemisphere and throughout the world. We help provide a balanced picture of the past and a detailed understanding of the present as we prepare our students for the future.

We are a liberal arts department in a school known for its business program but our courses play a central role in the education of students mostly majoring in finance, marketing, law, other aspects of business, and public administration. Our broad-based interdisciplinary courses help detail the rich social context in which business, law, and government operate.

We organize conferences, talks, art exhibitions and other events that enrich the lives of students, administrators and faculty at Baruch College. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to participate in our research projects and activities. We also encourage our students to attend graduate and professional school and we actively assist them in every step of the complicated application and admissions process.

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Black and Latino Studies
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