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Email: Phone: (646) 312- 4471
Location: VC 4265


Susan M. Chambré is a Professor of Sociology and the Editor of the Working Papers Series of Baruch’s Center for Nonprofit Management and Strategy. She received her B.A. from Queens College and her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

She is writing a book tentatively titled Disease Crusades, a study of the culture and politics of health policy in the U.S. She was recently awarded her sixth grant from the PSC-CUNY grant program to
study "The Rise and Fall of the Polio Crusade."

Her research and publications focus on civic engagement, nonprofit organizations and public policy. Current projects include a study of volunteerism by baby boomers, nonprofit naming practices, managerial challenges faced by nonprofit organizations at different stages in their life cycles, and the emergence of a consumer consciousness among patients with Tuberculosis, Polio, and HIV. 

Previous publications considered the link between adolescent pregnancy and welfare dependency, the social and cultural determinants of volunteerism by elders, the changing nature of Jewish philanthropy, and the role of community organizations and foundations in shaping AIDS policy.

Selected publications



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