MBA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The MBA in industrial/organizational psychology is designed to give students a comprehensive background in the field and to permit them to take specialized courses more closely related to employment. Required courses are designed to establish a firm base in personnel, organizational, and research psychology. The elective courses are in areas directly applicable to industrial/organizational psychology as well as in wider areas of psychology. This program aims to develop a strong foundation in assessing personnel and organization problems, researching them, and finding possible solutions.

Students completing the MBA have found employment or advancement in personnel departments, consulting, marketing, and management. Students have also gone on to PhD programs in industrial/organizational psychology and organizational behavior and to other psychology programs.

Courses in Major (12 Credits)


PSY 9703 Design of Psychological Research
3 hours; 3 credits

Research methods in the behavioral sciences, their implementation, and the relationship of modern concepts of research design and measurement to a business framework.

PSY 9796 Problems in Industrial Psychology I - Personnel Psychology
3 hours; 3 credits

Survey of the field of personnel psychology and personnel research, including such topics as job analysis, selection, employment testing, Equal Employment Opportunity issues, leadership in organizations, employee performance appraisal, job satisfaction, motivation, and performance. The focus is on the individual employee as the unit of study. Prerequisite: PSY 9788 or MGT 9300; pre- or corequisite: PSY 9703.

PSY 9797 Problems in Industrial Psychology II - Organizational Psychology
3 hours; 3 credits

Survey of the field of organizational psychology/organizational behavior, including such topics as organizational theories; organizational effectiveness; role theory; organizational linking processes such as power, authority, and leadership; conflict within organizations; changing organizations; and motivation and performance. The focus is on the organization and groups within as the units of study. Prerequisite: PSY 9788 or MGT 9300; pre- or corequisite: PSY 9703.


To complete the major, students can choose one additional 3 credit course from any offered by the psychology department. The department has a wide array of courses covering a number of areas. Accordingly, students may tailor the major to their individual needs and interests.

Note: Students are not limited to taking only four courses in their major and may use their nine general elective credits to take additional courses if they wish.

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