Opportunities for Baruch Students with Teach for America

Application Deadline: February 13th, 2009

Teach For America corps members exhibit the creativity, leadership abilities, and civic consciousness that we place such a premium on. Providing these grads with the opportunity to spend two transformative years teaching in low-income communities across the country is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do, as they will arrive at Google with an excellent skill set developed in a demanding work environment and a greater commitment to the larger world.” -- Laszlo Bock, VP of People Operations, Google

Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Most of our corps members are not education majors; we provide all of the training and support necessary. In the short run, our corps members work relentlessly to ensure that more students growing up today in our country's lowest-income communities are given the educational opportunities they deserve. In the long run, our alumni are a powerful force of leaders working from inside education and from every other sector to effect the fundamental changes needed to ensure that all children have an equal chance in life.

In particular, joining Teach For America before pursuing a career in business will provide you with the management experience and leadership skills that will help you have a greater impact in the business world. By committing two years to teach in a low-income community, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to assume tremendous responsibility—managing a classroom of students, setting ambitious goals, and inspiring your students to meet those goals. Through this experience, alumni say that they developed invaluable communication and time-management skills that are highly transferable to a career in business.

There are 13 million children growing up in poverty and only half of them will graduate from high school. The educational disparities in our nation that exist across racial and socioeconomic lines severely limit the life prospects of our nation’s children, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Visit www.teachforamerica.org or contact margaux.dubuar@teachforamerica.org for more information.

Application Deadline: February 13th, 2009

Start an application here: https://www.teachforamerica.org/online/info/index.jsp

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