CUNY, Theatre Development Fund (TDF) Partner to Bring Arts to Students

CUNY/TDF BEAT CUNY/TDF BEAT  (Bridging Education and Theatre) is a program designed to introduce the CUNY community to New York City's performing arts through a range of programs designed by TDF and tailored to the needs of the CUNY community. 

The initiative consists of programs that will engage CUNY students, introducing them to the world of the performing arts -- theatre, music and dance.  TDF is also offering discounted annual TDF memberships for students, faculty and staff at the four campuses currently participating in CUNY/TDF BEAT.

CUNY/TDF BEAT  is already up and running at four CUNY campuses - Baruch College, Brooklyn College, LaGuardia Community College, & Lehman College, with an eye to expand each year and eventually include every CUNY campus.  To learn more about TDF, go to:

CUNY/TDF BEAT  has already launched four programs at the campuses involved in the initiative:

  • Production Process - a theatre enrichment program in which theatre professionals from different performing arts disciplines participate in moderated discussions on various aspects of theatre production for an audience of CUNY students
  • Mentoring - a credited program in which a theatre professional mentors a group of CUNY students in a specific discipline
  • Internships - CUNY students participate in for-credit internships in their specific field of study at TDF and throughout the theatre industry
  • Ticketing - each school will have a group participate in TDF's "New Audiences of New York," a program which introduces theatre, through attendance and education, to underserved groups across the five boroughs. Students from each campus will attend theatre performances and participate in pre- and post-performance discussions
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