Katrin Hansing Discusses Cuba on PBS Newshour

Katrin Hansing In the first of three reports for their Global Health Unit, Newshour's Ray Suarez discusses our changing neighbor in Cubans Grapple With Challenges, Promises of Economic Change. His guests on the report include Weissman Professor of Black and Hispanic Studies Katrin Hansing.

Watch video or read transcript here.

Hansing is the former Associate Director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University in Miami. As an anthropologist, she has spent the last thirteen years conducting research in the Caribbean (especially Cuba) and Southern Africa and its diasporas. Her main areas of interest and expertise include: race/ethnicity, religion, migration, transnational relations, remittances, medical internationalism, youth, and civil society. Currently she is working on a new book project on contemporary Cuban youth.

The City University of New York