Distinguished Faculty Grows at Weissman

WSAS Proudly Announces 9 New Faculty

The Weissman School for Arts & Sciences welcomes nine new faculty members for the 2010 academic year.

Prof. Stefan Bathe




Stefan Bathe,
Natural Sciences*

Prof. Katherine Behar




Katherine Behar,
Fine & Performing Arts

Prof. Amy Estes




Amy Estes,
Fine & Performing Arts

Prof. Jim Gatheral




Jim Gatheral,

Prof. Peter Horowitz




Peter Horowitz, Communication Studies

Prof. Jarrod Pickens




Jarrod Pickens,

Prof. Shige (CJ) Suzuki




Shige (CJ) Suzuki,
Modern Language &
Comparative Literature

Prof. Ely Shipley




Ely Shipley,

Prof. Kristen Shockley




Kristen Shockley, Psychology

* Hired 2009

The City University of New York