Weissman Department of English Acquires Two New Scholarships

New York, NY, Feb. 6 -- Dean Jeffrey Peck of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences has announced that the school has recently been given two new scholarships, both for juniors studying English and demonstrating financial need.

The Sarah Guttesman Lubin Memorial Scholarship will be awarded each spring to an undergraduate studying 19th century British and/or American literature. Melvin Lubin '48 created the scholarship in honor of his late wife, Sarah. “She was always trying to get young people to read Trollope or Dickens or the Brontes or Walter Scott or Mark Twain and Melville, or whatever she was reading at the moment,” said Lubin.

The Donald J. Loff Scholarship for Excellence in English will be awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in English. The donor, Donald Loff '74, holds a BA in English and believes that the study of the language develops analytic thinking and is, therefore, excellent preparation for a business career. Loff can cite himself as an example as he is First Vice President for Investments with Merrill Lynch in Princeton, N.J.

Dean Peck noted that Lubin and Loff scholarships were the first two the Weissman School has received on his watch. They are, he said, “a significant part of what I hope will be steadily increased support for the Weissman School.

Article by Zane Berzins, News Director. Edited by J D Sallen, Weissman Web Editor

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