Yingxue Li Wins Neftci Scholarship

Yingxue LiMr. Yingxue Li (MFE'11) is the 2nd annual winner of the Salih Neftci Memorial Scholarship.

Dr. Salih Neftci, a long time professor in the Baruch MFE Program, passed away in 2009. Salih was a warm and brilliant man, and a wonderful educator to those who were enriched by learning from him.

In appreciation of his tireless dedication to educating them and to shaping their future, more than 100 Baruch MFE alumni and students, joined by several close friends of Salih's, contributed to establish in perpetuity a Memorial Scholarship at Baruch College honoring Salih's memory in late 2009.

Mr. Li impressed the Alumni Committee through depths of knowledge of the current events in finance, and with his subtle interpretation of them. Also, his knowledge of foreign markets, and of the Chinese markets in particular, would have greatly appealed to Salih as well.

The City University of New York