A Classic Liberal Arts Education

an open letter from Dan Stefanica, Director, Baruch College Financial Engineering MS Program

Dear Alumni, Students, and Friends:

The results of the 2009 Interactive Brokers Trading Olympiad [have been announced].

While the students of our program traditionally did extremely well in this competition, this year, the result was spectacular in its depth: six of our students were in the top 62, the prize seats. The number of winners from our program is more than remarkable.

To put this in a proper context, people from 13 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland) were among the winners.

In a competition open to undergraduate and graduate students from the entire world, to have 10% of the winners coming from ONLY ONE PROGRAM is a great and truly remarkable performance, and a testimony to the strength of all of our students.

As for the winners this year, they are: Vladimir Toshchevikov, ranked 7th, $10,000 prize (73% strategy return); John Jurcevic, ranked 14th, $1,000 prize (30% strategy return); Rachit Lahoti, ranked 19th, $1,000 (18% return); Eugene Krel, ranked 30th, $1,000; and Shlomi Ben Shoshan, ranked 42nd, $1,000; Carl Schmidt, ranked 53rd, $1,000.

It is also notable that both Vladimir and Eugene hold undergraduate degrees from Baruch College! Many congratulations to everyone who participated, and to the winners!

And, for a trip down memory lane, here are the winners from our program from previous years (the competition started in 2006): Bharath Govindarajan, 2nd place and $25,000 prize in 2006 (83% strategy return); Gus Tsahas, 2nd place and $50,000 prize in 2007 (160% strategy return); Andy Nguyen, 17th place and $1,000 prize in 2007; and Alain Ledon, 15th place and $1,000 prize in 2008 (57% strategy return).

Very happy to have been able to bring this news to you,


The City University of New York