First Annual AHA Equity Award Goes to Weissman History Department

The Weissman History Department is the first institution nationwide to receive a new Equity Award by the American Historical Association (AHA), the most important national association of historians. The History Department's new chair, Katherine Pence, accepted the award on behalf of the department at the AHA’s annual meeting awards ceremony January 7 in Boston, MA. The AHA established this award in 2011 to be given annually both to a distinguished individual and an academic unit.

Further details and C-SPAN video of the AHA’s annual meeting can be found here.

Homepage photo by Frank Monkiewicz, courtesy AHA © 2011

In the words of the AHA award ceremony program, “the awards are meant to recognize and publicize individuals and institutions that have achieved excellence in recruiting and retaining underrepresented racial and ethnic groups into the historical profession.” Weissman’s History Department received this honor because, according to the AHA, “this department is recognized for its exceptional and sustained efforts to create a vibrant intellectual environment that advances the recruitment and retention of faculty from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented within the historical profession. This department’s unwavering commitment to faculty diversity has paved the way for a membership, curriculum, and student life that is reflective and supportive of the dynamic diversity of its college’s student body.” 

Pence calls the award “a great honor,” and says the History Department “stands out as an example of Baruch’s overall commitment to quality and diversity in education.”

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