Professor Michael Goodman Speaks to Beijing University on Global Communication Challenges for Corporations

Conference on Intercultural Business CommunicationMichael B. Goodman, PhD, professor and director of the MA Program in Corporate Communication at Baruch College’s Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, spent a week in China in May with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing. Goodman, who has previously presented in China, was invited by the dean of the School of International Studies at UIBE to present the keynote speech at the National Conference on Intercultural Business Communication, the first of its kind in China.

Professor Goodman is regarded internationally as a thought leader in the field of global business communication. When he signed on three years ago to become a full-time Weissman faculty member, he brought with him an entire corporate communication research center, Corporate Communication International (CCI), which he founded and directs. Students in the MA Program for Corporate Communication at Baruch take courses that capitalize on CCI’s resources.

“China is developing a growing interest in international business communication.”

At UIBE, Goodman spoke about strategic decision-making in business communication. He also led a workshop titled “Work with Anyone, Anywhere,” based on a chapter from a book he’s currently revising for its second edition. “We had an interesting hour and a half talk on American values, business practices, and corporate cultures,” he said. “China is developing a growing interest in international business communication.” Many of the university attendees were professors of business English and had studied in the United States.

Prof. Michael GoodmanLearning about business communication is an ongoing process for Goodman, too, and he took away from this trip a more in-depth understanding of Chinese business relationship-building. “What we call networking they call connections — but these are connected with the concept of personal relationships,” he noted. “For them, our networking is sort of about acquaintances. Theirs are much deeper. They are slow to make relationships but grow much stronger bonds.”

While in China, Goodman was awarded a certificate of recognition as an International Member of the Academic Board of the Center for International Business, Chinese Education, and Resources, at the opening ceremony of the Hanban Center, a nonprofit public institution within UIBE working to develop Chinese language and culture teaching resources.

(From the Baruch website, edited by J D Sallen)

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