Former Business Student Tong (Ed) Wu Answers Art's Call

Ed Wu

Ed Wu began as a Baruch business student but today finds himself an award winning graphic artist and illustrator.  He can already count among his fast growing list of prizes Creative Quarterly - Gold; UCDA Design Contest 2008, Award of Excellence; and the Creativity Annual Award 38, Award of Excellence. Here is Ed's story of unexpected growth and transition in his own words. Samples of Ed's work appear below.

Baruch is renowned for its excellent business and finance majors. Like thousands of Baruch students, I was once a business student taking many business administration courses. I did not know what I want to do with my life. I was not particularly interested in working in the business field. But I knew that the field of business was lucrative and since the majority of students at Baruch were majoring in business, it would not hurt to try.  After taking a few survey courses, however, I knew that I did not have the personality or the drive to be in the field.

I loved sketching as a child, so I decided to take two art courses as electives to fulfill my curriculum requirement. I enjoyed the art courses and was driven to excel. I did extra work outside of class to further challenge my artistic potential. Finally I realized that this was the path I wanted to follow. When I was a business student, I was in a state of sheepdom; I was only taking courses because I believed it was the consensus. Over the past couple years, the supportive art department professors encouraged me to compete in various art competitions such as UCDA Annual Design, Creativity Annual, and Creative Quarterly. Each time I enroll in a new contest, I explore new methods to illustrate my ideas and views to my audience.
Unlike the field of business, there is no clear definition of what is good art. Art is subjective. There are times when I thought I was having problems expressing my ideas with illustrations and design. With the encouragement and support from my art professors and mentors, I never gave up my dream as an aspiring artist. I have to thank all my professors and mentors for my achievements today and for being at my side.


Ed WuAbstract piece. Black ink dropped in a tank of water, by using B&W film camera capture the movement.
UCDA Design Contest 2008: Award of excellence


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Corp Identity
Corp Design

1. Locks of Love
2. Michael Nix & Associate
3. Chungwah Chinese Broadcasting
4. Dollar & Sense 30 Years Anniversary




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