Dean Peck Speaks in North Carolina: Globalizing Diversity. An Oxymoron?

Globalizing Diversity. Dean Peck spoke recently at the 6th annual Forum on Education Abroad, held in Charlotte, NC. He joined a panel comprising Richard Mitten, Ross Lewin, and Talya Zemach-Bersin on Questioning the “Global” in Study Abroad.   

The panel addressed the issue that "study abroad is no longer merely about creating an elite cadre that can move seamlessly between homogenous cultures.  It is about preparing a mass of students that can navigate in a globalized world suffused with cultural diversity, advanced capitalism and transnational problems. " This session explored the tension between some study abroad practices and the changing mission of study abroad to create global citizens.

Dean Peck's presentation was titled Globalizing Diversity. An Oxymoron? 

The City University of New York