Matthew Jones's Paper Wins Berlfein Prize

Matthew Jones's paper wins Berlfein Prize Matthew Jones has been named the winner of The Berlfein Prize for Best Undergraduate Nonfiction Writing, for his paper “Excellent Fopperies: A Comparative Analysis of Soliloquies in King Lear and Measure for Measure,” completed under the guidance of Prof. Paula Berggren. Matthew is in his final year at Baruch College as an English literature major with a minor in Philosophy. He grew up outside of Paris, France, speaks four languages and hopes to continue studying and enjoying English literature for as long as possible (but he loves Tolstoy most).

Read Matthew Jones's essay here.

The competition, which was held for the first time in Spring 2010, was open to students enrolled in Tier III minor capstone courses. Entries were submitted by faculty, with a limit of one entry per section. A committee of faculty judges reviewed the entries and identified five finalists. Each finalist received a prize of $100. First-prize-winner Matthew Jones received a prize of $1,000.

The other finalists, listed alphabetically, were as follows:

Megan Bailey (Prof. Michael Goodman), “The Gospel According to Oprah.”

Chanell Johnson (Prof. Mary McGlynn), “Survival of the Sovereign: The Battle between Father and Child”

Magdelin Diaz (Prof. Rick Wilkins), “Face and Norm Theories –A Workplace Application”

Amanda Smith (Prof. Cheryl Smith, “Grounded by the Soil: American Regionalist Literature as a Catalyst for 'Outsider' Memoir Writing.”

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