Professor Berkin Cited in Wall Street Journal

Weissman Professor Carol Berkin was cited in a March 28th Wall Street Journal article, A General's Personal Battle, by Yochi J. Dreazen:

The military is facing a sharp spike in suicides, and Maj. Gen. Mark Graham is leading the fight to reduce them. His mission is close to the heart: His own son, a young ROTC cadet, killed himself six years ago... (read article)

[Revolution] Bettmann/Corbis

American Revolution

The war uprooted thousands of families, as widows and wives looking for protection joined both the British and Continental armies, sometimes with their children and pets. The women acted as laundresses, cooks and nurses, and even were sent out amid fighting to scavenge munitions and boots, says Carol Berkin, a historian at Baruch College. Though George Washington complained that the presence of so many women could slow down the troops -- he once wrote that he was stymied in his effort to move the troops because several women were in labor -- he didn't want to send them away and spark desertions, she says.

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