Weissman Math Students Shine in CUNY Math Challenge

CUNY Math Challenge


Weissman and Baruch students distinguished themselves in the recent CUNY Math Challenge. When the smoke cleared after an intense contest, where more than 400 students matched mathematical “mental muscle,” 7 Baruch students emerged among 16 winners, with one Baruch student, Manru Xu, sharing the top prize.

Other Baruch student winners included Weissman math students Aleksandr Zaslavskiy, Gary Ng, and Li Qian, and Baruch actuarial students Alan Klahr, Yi Shao, and Yang Bai.

The challenge comprised five rounds, the first four of which occurred online and consisted of five problems each. A new round opened every other week beginning March 2, 2009. Participants had two weeks to submit their answers in each round, accumulating points along the way. Problems in each round were of varying levels of difficulty, and no prerequisite courses were needed for participation.

Students with the highest total points after the first four rounds were invited to the final round, an in-person exam administered on May 10, 2009. Approximately thirty qualifying students competed in the final round for fourteen cash prizes ranging from $500 up to the grand prize of $2,500.

Portions of this article excerpted from http://math.cisdd.org
/home, and edited by J D Sallen .

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