Global Studies Welcomes Prof. Seyhan

Prof. Seyhan, the Fairbank Professor in the Humanities, Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Bryn Mawr, and Director of the program in Comparative Literature, will speak at Weissman as part of Dean Peck’s Global Studies Initiative. Her talk is entitled “Competing Imperatives of Cultural Translation: Status, Space, Politics, Ethics, and Aesthetics.”

Prof. Seyhan is the author of Representation and Its Discontents: The Critical Legacy of German Romanticism (University of California, 1992); Writing Outside the Nation (Princeton, 2001); and most recently, Tales of Crossed Destinies: The Modern Turkish Novel in a Comparative Context (MLA, 2008). She has lectured extensively on German Idealism and Romanticism, critical theory, exile narratives, Turkish-German literature, and the theory of the novel.

This is a Faculty Development Seminar at which students are welcome!

The City University of New York