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Campus Announcement

Library Building Safe and Sound After Flood

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff

On Saturday evening, March 23, a watermain broke on east 26th Street.  As a result our Information and Technology building basement was flooded;  water filled the sub-basement completely and several inches of water covered the floor of the upper basement.  Our Building and Grounds staff, responding immediately, coordinated the emergency response and subsequent recovery.  BCTC staff was also on-hand to inspect our computer equipment located in the basement area and take measures to prevent any damage. 

We closed the building in the aftermath of the flood because several critical systems were impacted. We did not have functioning bathrooms or elevators.  We had to pump out the water that filled the sub-basement, clean the area thoroughly, and assess the damage to the building.

DASNY and CUNY provided emergency assistance, as well as a long-term plan and assistance with needed repairs. DASNY hired URS, a full-service architectural and engineering firm,  to provide an assessment of work to be done and to coordinate that work.  They have a temporary office on site and have brought in a series of consultants, among them an environmental engineer. 

We reopened the building on Tuesday, April 2.  We have basic systems working again and we have been  advised by URS that it is safe to reoccupy the building.  The elevators are working and the bathrooms are functioning.  We will not have hot water in the building as the heater for the domestic water system is not functioning and will need to be replaced. 

The air circulation system in the building is handled by units on each floor and was therefore not damaged.  DASNY engaged the services of a cleaning company to augment the efforts of our staff and they have been working continuously to clean and clear out debris from the basements.  This is almost completed. Our standpipe that serve the sprinkler system in the building was not damaged and is functional. The environmental engineers did water and air quality tests which revealed that there is no cause for concern in re-occupying the building. 

I would like to acknowledge the incredible job that was done by B&G and BCTC.  They responded immediately on Saturday night and have worked continuously under difficult conditions from the beginning of the flood to restore the building. Without their swift and effective response, we would have suffered even more damage. It should also be noted that they were supported in their efforts by Public Safety, Campus Facilities, and the Environmental, Health &Safety Office. Finally, we should offer our appreciation to the staffs of the Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid, Admissions, the Library, BCTC, Zicklin Graduate Career Management Center, and the International Student Service Center, who had to set up alternative work sites during this emergency period.  All in all, we can be proud of the team effort involved in responding to the crisis.

Katharine T. Cobb
Vice President for Administration and Finance