Human Resources News - Baruch College

November 26, 2013

Adjunct Health Insurance Modifications

To: Teaching and Non-Teaching Faculty
From: Vice Chancellor Pamela S. Silverblatt

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be aware, just prior to the start of the Fall 2013 semester, we reached an agreement in principle with the PSC regarding slight modifications to our April 24, 2013 agreement concerning adjunct health insurance and adjunct workload issues. I am pleased to advise that we have now finalized those modifications, which pertain primarily to non-teaching adjuncts. The two main components provide for 1) grandfathering those non-teaching adjuncts who last year met the prior qualifying period and 2) permitting non-teaching adjuncts to work for more than 15 weeks during the Fall semester/winter period.

So as not to disadvantage those non-teaching adjuncts who met the former criterion of working ten hours per week for the two-semester qualifying period last year, the revised agreement provides as follows:

Adjuncts who worked ten or more hours but fewer than fifteen hours or the equivalent per week in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters, and who are working fifteen hours per week for the semester effective August 27, 2013, shall be eligible to receive health insurance benefits in the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters, if they are otherwise eligible.

Non-teaching adjuncts who meet the 15-hour per week eligibility requirement necessarily reach the 225- hour semester maximum earlier in the semester than they had when they worked 10 hours per week -- i.e., a non-teaching adjunct working 15 hours per week would meet the limit after 15 weeks of service. To permit the Colleges to continue the services provided by a non-teaching adjunct throughout the Fall semester and winter period, the revised agreement provides:

Period Between Fall and Spring Semester Classes - Non-Teaching Adjuncts
A person appointed to a non-teaching adjunct title may be permitted to work during the period between the end of classes in the Fall semester and the start of the Spring semester for a total of 75 hours above the 225-hour semester limit, which additional hours will not be counted toward the adjunct's workload in either the preceding Fall semester or the subsequent Spring Semester.

The Colleges are cautioned that they must receive prior budget authorization to continue to employ a non-teaching adjunct above the 225-hour semester limit.

For clarity, we have conformed the language in the underlying agreement, which had provided that non-teaching adjuncts "must be working" for fifteen or more hours per week to qualify for health insurance, to that used in the collective bargaining agreement, which referred to non-teaching adjuncts "who are working" fifteen or more hours. The intention in doing this is for the Colleges to construe this language as they always have when the threshold was 10 hours and simply substitute 15 hours as the threshold. The revised agreement thus provides that health insurance will be available to:

Non-Teaching Adjuncts who are working fifteen or more hours per week in the semester, or an equivalent combination of teaching and non-teaching hours, and who have worked fifteen or more hours per week for the two consecutive preceding semesters (not including Winter or Summer Sessions). (For the purpose of determining eligibility for health insurance only, one non-teaching hour shall be deemed equivalent to 0.4 teaching contact hour.)

Finally, in as much as the Guttman Community College has a calendar similar to those of LaGuardia Community College and Kingsborough Community College, it was agreed to treat its adjuncts similarly during the Winter Session. The revised agreement therefore provides:

Kingsborough, LaGuardia and Guttman Winter Sessions

A person appointed to an adjunct title, excluding Graduate Assistants, shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during the Fall Session B at Kingsborough Community College, the Fall Semester — Session 11 at LaGuardia Community College, or the Fall II session at Guttman Community College. In addition, such adjunct, assigned (9) classroom contact hours at one of these three community colleges, may be employed to teach a maximum of one course of not more than six (6) hours during the above-referenced sessions at one of the other two community colleges. Classroom contact hours during the Fall Session B. Fall Semester — Session II, or Fall II session will not be counted toward the adjunct's workload in either the preceding Fall semester or the subsequent Spring semester.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Jerry Rothman at (646) 664-2979 or Laura Blank at (646) 664-2980.


Monique Brown George

Executive Director, Office of Human Resources