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January 13, 2014

Time and Leave Procedures for the Jan 3 snowstorm

On Friday, January 3rd the College was closed due to the snowstorm. Below is an excerpt of the Guidance Memorandum issued by CUNY Vice Chancellor, Gloriana B. Waters on January 6th to the Presidents of the Colleges and the Deans of CUNY Colleges and Professional Schools regarding the time and leave procedures to be followed based on the conditions at each campus.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Full-time classified and instructional staff employees, other than essential employees, will be granted leave with pay and without charge to annual leave accruals, except for employees who are on scheduled annual leave or sick leave. Full-time teaching faculty and adjunct teaching instructional staff will receive their regular pay and are expected to make up the lost instructional time.

Part-time employees (e.g., college assistants, continuing education teachers, non-teaching adjuncts and adjunct college laboratory technicians) who did not report to work shall not be paid for the day, but should be permitted to make up the hours of work lost in accordance with the needs and resources of the college. When it is not feasible to assign make-up hours, the College may permit part-time employees to charge the absence to available annual leave, if the collective bargaining agreement covering the title provides annual leave (e.g., college assistants)

Time and Leave Practices for Essential Employees

Employees designated by the college as essential employees who nevertheless did not report to work shall not be paid for the day.

The following office of human resources staff can assist employees who have questions regarding how their time should be charged:

Sonia McIlwain

Assigned Staff: College Assistants Extension: 6593

Suzanne Bernfeld

Assigned Staff: Teaching & Non-Teaching Instructional Extension: 6616

Vanessa Johnson

Assigned Staff: Blue Collar – Skilled Trades Extension: 6620

Zahidel Alvarado

Assigned Staff: White Collar Extension: 6595

Robert Gerl

Assigned Staff: HEOs and CLTs Extension: 6611

To view Vice Chancellor Waters' communication in its entirety, please click on the link below:


Monique Brown George

Executive Director, Office of Human Resources